Alex’s mother and the FBI have always known where he is, despite listing him as missing

This is Alex’s missing poster. It was available at this link for over a decade until being moved due to Alex’s dad exposing their hypocrisy on TikTok. A screen capture from 2021 can be seen below.

They claim that they don’t know where Alex is. They have always known that he was with his father and that he lives in St Kitts. This Pennsylvania court order from November 2009 proves this:

They even tried to kidnap Alex from his home in St Kitts. A male official representative from the US Embassy came to his family’s house and threatened to come back and cut off our security gate if they didn’t open it up and hand Alex over. He tried to bypass the local courts and simply grabbed and intimidated a police officer on the street who was later reprimanded for his participation:

In December 2009 Alex’s mom came to St Kitts to visit and was immediately granted visitation rights. Surely if she visited him in St Kitts, they know where he is, right?

Although she had visitation rights, as soon as Alex told her he didn’t want to return to the US with her, she changed her flights and flew immediately home.

In 2010 the US Embassy contacted my dad:

Here is a letter from my grandmother and my mom’s mother in 2011.

Here is the postmark zoomed in.

In 2017 Alex’s family was able to get this information from the FBI.

In 2019 Alex renewed his US passport in St Kitts. This was his first adult passport so I had to interview personally in front of two US Embassy officials:

In 2021 after over a decade of refusing to even consider petitions before the court, a Pennsylvania judge dismissed the kidnapping charges. The Federal charge is a “one up” of the state charge and thus should fall too, but the US Attorney representing the FBI explicitly refuses to do so.

In 2021 after the state kidnapping charge was dismissed, for the first time in over 10 years Alex’s mom sent him a letter at the very same address he have been for nearly 15 years:

Really if she visited Alex in St Kitts, they know where he is, right?

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