Alex is not missing

Here is some introductory information about how Alex WAS NOT kidnapped by his father.

Alex is not Missing, but the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children didn’t believe it.

NCMEC has always known where Alex is, but for over 15 years listed him as missing, as seen below.

This poster was live on the NCMEC website until a viral TikTok video forced them to take it down in June 2022.

The FBI, NCMEC, Interpol have claimed for years that Alex is missing

Alex is Missing……according to the FBI, Interpol, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

The truth is that he was never kidnapped or missing. They have always known where he was, and his mother even visited him in 2009 but has never returned.

Alex is Not Missing!

He is listed as Aarys Charles Oberlander-Hower but goes by Alex. He’s a 26-year-old adult and was listed as a kidnapped child well into adulthood. He has problems with background and security checks, which interferes with his work and travel, and causes even bigger problems for his dad and younger siblings.

We NEED YOUR help!

Yes, we’ve tried resolving this legally at great expense. The Pennsylvania kidnapping charge has been dismissed, but the FBI refuses to dismiss the Federal charge which is based on the now-dismissed state charge. This is despite two failed extradition attempts in two separate countries. The FBI continues to apply immense pressure on his dad and prevent him from receiving urgent life-saving medical care.

Helping can be as simple as sharing this website on social media, to media contacts, or to government officials. His dad’s life depends on it.

Please share and contact media outlets to cover our story. More ideas how YOU can help with only a few seconds of your time….

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