Is Chad Still Wanted in 2023?!

Yes, Chad Hower is still wanted in 2023. Don’t believe it? Here is some proof.

In early 2022, a community activist in Erie, PA contacted longtime Congressman for Erie and Pittsburgh Mike Kelly to seek help to remove Chad’s wanted notice with the FBI.

This is what the Congressman’s office sent back

Congressman Kelly asked his contacts at the FBI if Chad was wanted and what he could do about it. This was the FBI’s response:

Note that the violent crimes section of the FBI confirmed that Chad is wanted, when Kidnapping, the crime that the FBI errantly alleges Chad has committed, is not a violent crime in the FBI uniform crime report. Strange to say the least.


This does prove that the Chad is still wanted by the US government after all these years.


Additionally, in 2023, the FBI continues to discourage jouralists from speaking to Chad.