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Read the home page and all the posts on this site or check out @kudzutheracoon on TikTok for full context on this awful situation.

Quick Ways to Help

Media Attention

The main obstacle to Chad gaining his freedom is the US government’s case against him continuing to be active. The attention of the media will help show the public and higher-up officials at the department of justice that the case against Chad is worthless and should be dropped. This will allow him to get healthy and work toward regaining a normal life. PLEASE contact any media outlets you can think of. If you need a pre-written message, one can be provided to you in the telegram group.


Another obstacle in Chad’s life is his depleting financial resources. He has been living on his savings from his career prior to his legal troubles but is running out of money. He does not make money from TikTok or podcast appearances. Chad is not accepting donations currently but may in the future.

Thank you.

Supporter Video and Images

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