Help! Alex Has Been Kidnapped Internationally!

The First Kidnapping

Before Alex was supposedly internationally kidnapped, did you know he was kidnapped once before? By his mother! There are hundreds of pages of proof but to keep it simple here are a few statements from the Tennessee judge. These are from early 2005 and some of the reasons that custody was transferred to Alex’s dad.



That was the only real kidnapping and it was done by Alex’s mother.

Summer of 2006

Alex’s parents were married in Kentucky. Alex was born and raised in Tennessee until they divorced in 2002 also in Tennessee. Besides visits to family or vacations, Alex only lived in Tennessee.

Because of the kidnapping by Alex’s mother and many other violations of the court order the Tennessee court gave full custody to his dad and authorized me to live overseas with him.

This is from August 2005 and Alex’s dad had full custody from then until he was 18 years old.

In the summer of 2006, Alex’s dad traveled with him to the US to bring Alex to his mother for summer visitation. She moved to Pennsylvania. They flew to Boston where they separated. Alex’s dad flew on to Seattle where he stayed for one week with his job at Microsoft and then returned to Europe. Alex flew with an airline escort to his mother in Pennsylvania.

With Alex getting ready to go back to his dad, Alex’s mother filed an emergency filing to change custody back to her in Pennsylvania. She made crazy claims like this:

Cyprus is a European Union country and listed as one of the safest places in the world. Lebanon is separated from Cyprus by the Mediterranean ocean and makes no sense whatsoever. But she tossed it in there because there was some fighting going on in Lebanon at the time. Bahrain is 1,200 miles from Cyprus. No idea what that was supposed to mean.

The very same Pennsylvania judge ordered her to return Alex to his dad:

Alex was forcibly transferred by two state police officers under court order to his dad’s parents who took Alex to the airport and he flew with an airline escort back to Cyprus. Here is his passport stamp. Larnaka is the main international airport of Cyprus and its a European format date but says September 2, 2006:

The “Second Kidnapping”

Just two months later the very same judge who forcibly removed Alex from his mother using two state police officers when she did not want to comply with the custody order the judge declared Alex had been kidnapped.

Monday November 6, 2006 Alex was living and going to school in Cyprus.

Alex and his father were never informed of this and his mom later took it to the FBI:

The FBI is really slack about facts. This is a small thing, but they list his dad as a Titusville resident. Alex’s dad has never lived or even spent a night in Titusville or even Venango County. His mother was the one in Titusville.

The FBI didn’t bother to fact-check anything & happily jumped on the idea of pushing the idea of an internationally kidnapped child so they could hit headlines in the media & make themselves look good.

This was all done in a secret closed grand jury. No notification was ever given to Alex’s dad or his lawyers. Alex’s dad only found out when he was arrested in Bulgaria on a business trip. Alex’s dad spent several months in prison before Bulgaria denied his extradition to the US and let him go. You can read his story here – Bulgarian Prison and more at Trapped in Bulgaria.

The FBI “Kidnapping”

The FBI loves to slander and try people in the public eye. First they couldn’t even get Alex’s dad’s city or country right and mixed it up with his mother’s. Here is the FBI indictment which says that his father removed Alex from the United States in November 2006:

November 6, 2006 again. The day Alex was in school in Cyprus. So how was he kidnapped? The judge forcibly ordered Alex to be removed from his mother August 31, 2006. Did the judge kidnap Alex? He wasn’t even in the US then! But it gets better. This is from FBI testimony in the same document:

This document is from May 2009. The FBI says Alex’s dad, Chad hasn’t been in the US since June 17, 2006 and Alex hasn’t been in the US since Sept 1, 2006, but yet somehow Chad kidnapped Alex on November 6, 2006??? For Pennsylvania, it is even longer. Chad last visited Pennsylvania in early 2005 and has not lived in Pennsylvania since 1995 and did not live in Titusville.

Alex’s Interpol file says his mother has not seen me since Sept 1, 2006. This is the date the judge ordered police officers to remove Alex from her and return him to his dad! Interesting how they left that part out of the Interpol file.

The Hype

The FBI only cares about looking good. They overhyped this way out of proportion to make international news headlines. The FBI agents behind this probably did this so they could look good & get promoted.

Later Alex’s dad was the headline:

International coverage in the Associated Press. This one was in Taiwan in Asia but it appeared in papers all over the world. Taiwan isn’t even connected to any of this, but this is how big up they played it to try Chad in the public eye.

The FBI wants it to look really bad and dangerous. Here is how it was covered in Bulgaria where Chad was detained by Interpol. Talk about hype! Look at this photo!

Alex was never in Bulgaria then. But the FBI seems not to care about that.

The FBI put out an Interpol Red Notice for Chad, the same type of notice used for terrorists.

And it continues to this day. Pennsylvania earlier this year dismissed the case against Chad (but the FBI has not!).

BUT! They still kept an arrest warrant because they say Alex’s dad is a fugitive since he fled the jurisdiction. The FBI said Chad has not been in the US since June 17, 2006. But Chad is still in trouble for fleeing on November 6, 2006????

Does Pennsylvania have a different calendar system than the rest of the world?

Now it all makes sense! The FBI just has to use “alternative calendars”!

Also check out Alex’s mother and the FBI have always known where he is.

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