Dad needs urgent medical help

In short, my dad needs urgent life saving medical care but is being prevented from traveling to receive it. The FBI is fully aware of his situation and his lawyers last met with them on July 7, 2021.

My dad has been ill since he was released from Bulgarian prison. Since he cannot travel anywhere he has not been able to get the medical care he needs.

My dad had partial kidney failure in 2014 and had surgery in 2015 to remove a 30mm kidney stone. The next medical procedures he needs are not available where we live. Our hospital is very basic and does not even have a cardiac unit. Recently he passed this monster and there are still more like this that are severely affecting him. This one is over 1/4″ (6.5mm).

Recently my dad passed over 50 kidney stones in a single day. My dad rarely leaves the bedroom or house and requires assistance daily for even basic tasks.

This is a 3 month collection of stones he has passed.The large one is over 1/4″ (6.5mm)

If you don’t know about kidney problems and kidney stones here is the first result in google:

The FBI still wants to arrest my dad and was arrested by Interpol in Bulgaria before. His condition is so severe that he cannot fly unless he uses an air ambulance which is also very expensive. Even if we could afford such, he will be arrested in any country he travels to at request of the FBI via Interpol again.

This is from his doctor recently in a letter to the US authorities: